Religious Tourism

Religious Tourism


Since the beginning of times humanity’s fate has been closely linked not only to knowledge acquired by man, as well as their beliefs, their faith – their Religion.


Religious Tourism, which it’s main stimulus is faith or devotion, is often associated with the visit or pilgrimage to specific locations according to schedule of past events, where you can express your faith, pray, meditate and find your inner peace.


If you intend to carry a sightseeing trip for religious reasons, you will find in Rossitur the Travel Agency that can accompany you in this journey, making this visit to a holy site of your choosing, a reality.


If it’s an individual or a group religious trip, Rossitur has experience in organizing all the details in the most varied and distant holy places and shrines to visit.

Some of the most frequent requests are: Sanctuary of Fátima, Santiago de Compostela, Guadalupe, Lourdes, The Holy Land, Italy, Vatican, Turkey, Lisieux, Assis, Indonesia, Brazil, Mecca, Medina, among others.


If you want to make a special pilgrimage or participate in certain pilgrimage/religious festival, count on Rossitur to organize the itinerary. We’re here to travel with you.


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    The Footsteps of Pope J. P. II

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    The holy city of Jerusalem

  • Santarém and Fátima

    Day tour with bilingual escort.